At first, the woman at the well saw Jesus merely

as a way of making her life easier. Could you be

tempted to see Jesus the same way, as a magic genie

who pops out of a lamp offering three wishes to make

your life easier?

After all, when the woman at the well heard of

Jesus’s living water, her immediate thought was she

wouldn’t need to make the trek to the well in the

heat of the day anymore. Maybe you have similar

thoughts. If so, let me put it bluntly: Jesus is not your

bitch. He’s not a supernatural executive assistant who

walks your dogs, picks up your dry cleaning, or calls

your attorney when you get a DUI.

Adopting that mindset shortchanges you

significantly. Jesus offers you something that

quenches the deep thirsts of your soul. His love is

the antidote that goes beyond helping you out now

and then. Instead, Jesus offers a route to wholeness,

freedom from debilitating desires and consuming

Come and See


fears. He offers true, soul-deep peace. Why settle

for a one-night stand when Jesus is offering lifelong


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